PLACED are a Liverpool-based social enterprise that specialise in place education and engagement. Since 2011, we have been working to bring collaboration and diversity to discussion around the built environment, creating opportunities for quality conversations and genuine engagement.

We work with local authorities, housing associations, design teams, and developers to deliver meaningful engagement on projects, in person and online. We help those we work with to deliver sustainable projects, shaped by conversations and invaluable local knowledge.

We also work with young people to foster a passion for the built environment. This brings new perspectives, creates new avenues for discussion and diversifies the voices in the built environment through school engagement, outreach and the PLACED Academy.

We are independent, working with a wide range of voices to engage and explore the idea of place. We help remove barriers from projects that make our towns and cities better places to live and work. As a social business we also reinvest the surplus we make into our communities.

We believe that everyone is an expert when it comes to the places where they live, work, or spend time.

Wirral Council

The Council’s vision is to create equity for people and place and opportunities for all to secure the best possible future for our residents, communities and businesses. Behind the vision sit five priorities that focus on improving outcomes for all.

Sustainable Environment: Working towards a clean-energy, sustainable borough that leads the way in its response to the climate emergency and is environmentally friendly.

Brighter Futures: Working together for brighter futures for our children, young people and their families by breaking the cycle of poor outcomes for all regardless of their background

Inclusive Economy: Working for a prosperous, inclusive economy – helping businesses to thrive and creating jobs and opportunities for all.

Safe and Vibrant Communities: Working for safe and vibrant communities where our residents feel safe, and are proud to live and raise their families.

Active and Healthy Lives: Working to provide happy, active and healthy lives for all, with the right care, at the right time to enable residents to live longer and healthier lives.

The Council has ambitious plans to revitalise the Leftbank of the River Mersey. At the heart of this proposal is the regeneration of Birkenhead. The Council has developed a framework for the transformational regeneration of Birkenhead, this is known as the Birkenhead 2040 Framework. This 20-year plan represents one of the most aspirational regeneration programmes in the country and will see the town given a new lease of life.

The Framework was put together based on what residents and local businesses told the council is important to them.

At the heart of the proposals is the creation of family-friendly neighbourhoods with beautiful, green public spaces and parks. The plan will re-connect the revitalised town centre with the amazing opportunities along the Mersey waterfront and will make the most of the town’s iconic heritage and buildings. Changes are already underway at Wirral Waters, at Eureka Science + Discovery in Seacombe, and in Birkenhead town centre.

We want everyone to get involved and shape the future of Wirral. Have your say, share your ideas and influence decisions in your area.