Welcome to

BirkenEd’s Place

A community space for the people of Birkenhead, to share views that will impact the long-term regeneration of the area.
Led by PLACED, in partnership with Wirral Council.

What is the project?

Welcome to BirkenEd’s Place, a new pop-up space about Birkenhead.

Birkenhead is going through an enormous transformation over a 20-year period, and we want local people to shape what happens next.

BirkenEd’s Place is a central hub for involving people who live and work in Birkenhead in the exciting plans for the town.

How can you get involved?

Find us on 8-10 Borough Pavement, Grange Precinct, Birkenhead.

You can drop into BirkenEd’s Place Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 11-4.30pm and Saturday 11-4pm to chat with us, have a cuppa or take part in some of our engagements.

We’re looking forward to inviting you to join a range of events and activities in the space.

Get in touch

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