BirkenEd’s Place Closure

17th October 2023

BirkenEd’s Place has come to a close. On behalf of the PLACED team and Wirral Council, thank you to the people of Birkenhead for welcoming us into the town centre and sharing your thoughts and views with us, for attending our events, championing your local history, remaining positive and optimistic about the proposed changes, and becoming friends! Every contribution has gone towards making a difference to the local area. You can see the outcomes on Wirral Council’s Have Your Say website.

We’ve had the pleasure of working on a range of ambitious projects that form part of the Birkenhead 2040 Framework since we opened back in November 2022, engaging with local groups, residents, schools, colleges and mum and baby groups, local services, and external organisations.

Since we opened, we’ve had 4148 visitors, worked across 12 key projects specific to the Birkenhead 2040 Framework, and have worked with a range of local groups. 92% of our visitors said that they were able to give their views while visiting. Whilst 98% of our visitors said that they enjoyed spending time in BirkenEd’s Place, especially as a community space.

We’re excited to see the next steps in the regeneration of Birkenhead and its surrounding areas.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us with volunteering, spreading the word, the design teams and to Wirral Council and David Roberts for providing us with the opportunity to create something like this together and sharing our vision. The PLACED Team have put every bit of momentum into the success of the space and we’re immensely thankful.

BirkenEd’s may be closed for in person consultation, but you can still have your say via the council’s Have Your Say website and through a range of in person events as part of the Birkenhead to Liscard Active Travel Route. You can find out more about the Birkenhead to Liscard Active Travel Route here or by looking at our previous post which lists all upcoming consultation events.

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