BirkenEd’s Place – w/c 14th August

22nd August 2023

Last week saw the return of the Birkenhead Waterfront and Surrounds project. As we have delivered community engagement for this project before, we are feeding back what we have heard and sharing some updates on the development of this highway and public realm scheme. This project aims to enhance the waterfront and its surrounding areas, covering the area from and including the Argyle Street/Conway Street roundabout to the Woodside Ferry Terminal. The design team, which includes Mott Macdonald and Planit-IE, are looking at how these areas could be redesigned to be more attractive to spend time in, be more accessible for walking and cycling, and include improved landscaping.

Birkenhead Waterfront and Surrounds has had several phases of design and community engagement where designs have been presented and changed to adapt to feedback. Through the community engagement we have asked questions about likes, dislikes and future ideas for the whole area as well as more detailed questions about road layouts, junctions, and public spaces. This information was used by the design team to develop and adapt their designs. Now we’re showing the latest design ideas for each of the areas included within this project. Our current display of this project also includes some more detailed plans for Woodside – including drawings of the new Waterfront Culture Park and Promenade that is proposed for the area.

Wirral Metropolitan College students Kate and Freya returned on Saturday to deliver another creative workshop. This one focused on character design, relating to Kate and Freya’s studies on the BA Illustration and Animation programme at the college. The workshop was attended by local families who had a great time coming up with their own interesting characters! We would like to say a big thank you to the students for all their time and efforts in delivering such interesting and engaging workshops over the last few weeks.  

Involve Northwest will be back in the space on remaining Thursdays in August (24th and 31st) from 11:15am – 12:15pm. Don’t forget about our community hot desking too – no need to book, just pop along with your laptop and get on with any work you need to do or make use of our online corner with a desk and seated area.

Thank you to all our volunteers this week – Hannah Nixon, James Hurley, Kate Pierce, Grace Turner, Chris Wohlers, and Ben Lavell.

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