BirkenEd’s Place – w/c 3rd July

12th July 2023

Last week in BirkenEd’s Place, we continued engagement for our social value piece, reflecting on the the way people feel about the changes in Birkenhead and asking people what social benefits they would like to see from the proposed developments and regeneration. Whilst this engagement project has been in the space, we have shared many valuable conversations with people living and working in the area about the social value that they want to see as outcome and impact of the Birkenhead 2040 Framework. It was an invaluable opportunity for us to think beyond the physical built environment with its buildings and design, and look more to the social issues and challenges that physical built environment changes don’t always address.

As part of this social value piece, on Thursday 6th July, we held a workshop in BirkenEd’s Place (‘Social value and Local Need: Shaping the Agenda’) where we spoke to local business owners and organisations. We invited social businesses, charities and community organsiations to come and share the things they feel are most needed for them to have greater impact – be it money, space, expertise, or support. We explored these issues together to help inform thinking about future Social Value approaches. What we heard will be fed back to the council to help shape their conversations and thinking about how investment can help to deliver the changes people most need. We were delighted to have shared such a rich conversation about many crucial issues and challenges. A massive thank you to all who attended and took time out to contribute to the conversation.

Last week also saw the second instalment of ‘North End Sketch Club On Tour’. Over the last month, Artist Jayne Lawless of Dead Pigeon Gallery has been bringing her famous North End Sketch Club on tour to Birkenhead. Last week’s Sketch Club focused on the beautiful and historic Birkenhead Priory. The group were treated to a tour of the priory on arrival and had a wonderful time sketching this scenic area. The next Sketch Club is on Thursday 20th July and will focus on Grange Precinct. If you are looking to take some time out to relax, focus and get inspired, we’d definitely recommend Jayne’s workshop! Everyone is welcome to join, artist or not – Jayne carefully eases you into the sketching and reminds you that it’s all about the process of learning about a place through mark making as opposed to the outcome. You can book a place on the next Sketch Club workshop on the Eventbrite page here.

Coming up in the next week, and on display until 22nd July, are the Northside and Scotts Quay projects. Northside Regeneration Area is a key location underpinning the Wirral employment land strategy that has the potential to accommodate new modern and intensified employment space. It could also support relocation of industrial uses. Scotts Quay is another key area in Seacombe which supports the ongoing development of housing for Wirral residents. This will include affordable and retirement properties, as well as housing for young professionals. You can also get involved in some online engagement for the Northside scheme here.

A big thank you to all our volunteers this week – Kate Pierce, Jay Orritt, Luke Bithell, Amy Brisley, Eloise de La Vaissiere, and Muchen Zhang.

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