BirkenEd’s Place – w/c 26th June

4th July 2023

There is a lot of investment taking place and planned for Birkenhead. In BirkenEd’s Place, we have shared plans including the creation of new homes, neighbourhoods, green spaces, active travel routes and a revitalised town centre. This investment in the buildings and public places will transform Birkenhead. It will make the town a greener, safer, more vibrant place to live and work, and should have a positive impact on how people feel. With this in mind, last week at BirkenEd’s Place, we started engaging the community in a social value piece, reflecting on the the way people feel about the changes in Birkenhead. We’ve been asking people to explore what changes they want to see and what would make the greatest difference to their lives and how they spend time in Birkenhead. This engagement, which runs from 28th June – 11th July, focuses on the social issues and challenges people want to see addressed beyond physical change – that is, beyond the physical built environment.

Since our reopening two weeks ago, there have also been some exciting new additions to the space. Local Artist Nicky Pickles has created a beautiful piece of window art for us that perfectly captures the community spirit and creativity of Birkenhead. Nicky has also helped us create an activity in the space where we are asking local people about what changes they want to see in the town and what things they think could help inspire these changes. Also, our big Birkenhead map has now become a ‘memory map’ where we’ll be recording everyone’s most special memories and stories of the town. During phase 1 of BirkenEd’s Place, we heard so many lovely Birkenhead stories and memories, so we are hoping to capture these on our map and hear more over the coming weeks! BirkenEd’s Place is not just about the future and the changes to come as part of the 2040 framework, it is also about celebrating Birkenhead’s past and present; it is a dedicated space for sharing our special stories and memories of the town.

Thank you to all our volunteers this week – Diya Calleechurn, Kate Pierce, Eloise De La Vaissiere, Michelle McCracken, and Nicola Donnery.

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