BirkenEd’s Place – w/c 6th March

14th March 2023

Last week in BirkenEd’s Place, we were visited by students and staff from TU Dortmund University. We showed the students what BirkenEd’s Place was all about and discussed the different projects we’re engaging on in the space. This includes several projects in the Birkenhead 2040 Framework such as Birkenhead Waterfront & Surrounds, Wirral Waters, Dock Branch Park, Dock Branch Neighbourhood, Cleveland Street, Hind Street and Birkenhead Town Centre. They were impressed and asked many questions about the space, including demographics, events and how we programme so much engagement in. We are delighted to have been part of the university group’s tour around the area and their visit to Merseyside.

BirkenEd’s Place also hosted two days of Birkenhead Market consultations. The event included visuals for the new market and how the rich and celebrated history of the market will be incorporated into the new design. Many people admired the design of the new market arches and brickwork! The event was led by the design team including Hannah Walker from Barton Wilmore (now Stantec) alongside Wirral Council officers, Muse and Wirral Growth Company.

The third phase of engagement for Birkenhead Waterfront and Surrounds is now up in the space. This project aims to deliver highway and public realm improvements to Wirral Waterfront and its surrounding areas, covering the area from and including the Argyle Street/Conway Street roundabout to the Woodside Ferry Terminal. The design team, which includes Mott Macdonald and Planit-IE, are looking at how these areas could be redesigned to be more attractive to spend time in, be more accessible for walking and cycling and include improved landscaping.

Birkenhead Waterfront and Surrounds is now in its third phase of community engagement. This means we have already done our first phase of engagement where we showed initial ideas, the site boundary, current site images and future cross sections to collect feedback. We also asked wider questions about opportunities, challenges and future ideas for the whole area. In the second phase of engagement, we shared more developed options and drawings so that emerging design ideas could discussed and further refined. Now in the third phase, we’re showing the latest design ideas and showing more detail. If you are unable to make it down to BirkenEd’s Place to see and engage in the Birkenhead Waterfront and Surrounds project, you can have your say via the online engagement here.

A big thank you to all our volunteers this week – Tamrin Afroz, Beci Hughes, Ian Gordon, James Orritt, and Ethan Medd.

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